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Add-ons list in Firefox is empty / blank

March 4th, 2010. Published under Uncategorized. No Comments.

In Firefox 3.6, I was suddenly unable to install or edit any of my add-ons. The list of add-ons was blank, and it would not let me install any new or update any existing add-ons. The add-ons themselves worked just fine in Firefox.

After doing some searching, I found the issue had to do with the use of Personas.  This issue also can occur in Firefox 3.5.x.  The following solution (found here) fixed the issue for me:

  1. Enter about:config (type “about:config” in the address bar of a new tab)
  2. Filter for “lightweightThemes”
  3. Erase the value for lightweightThemes.usedThemes
  4. Change the value to “false” for lightweightThemes.isThemeSelected
  5. Close and restart Firefox

Doing this of course removed the Persona I had loaded, but it solved the issue.

Google Desktop broken in Ubuntu Hardy Heron

July 7th, 2008. Published under Uncategorized. No Comments.

Here is a thread that helped me solve the issue I was having with Google Desktop not working in Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron).

The solution is to edit the erroneous path to the Firefox executable in Preferred Applications.  See the third post by BlackSir in this thread.

A field guide to Firefox 3

June 27th, 2008. Published under Uncategorized. No Comments.

Yes, there are a lot of articles about Firefox 3 out there, since it just came out.  FF3 is a great browser (my browser of choice, along with a few million other people).  I certainly have not read all of these articles, but here is a great one from dria.org that has links to more specific information on each topic.