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Script telnet commands using the Telnet Scripting Tool

July 9th, 2008. Published under Software Tools. 1 Comment.

Recently I had need to script some telnet commands for a switch.  Googling for this led me to TST10, or the Telnet Scripting Tool v1.0 by Albert Yale.  This thing comes way back from 1997, but it works great for my needs.  I was able to script the commands I needed, so launching a batch file will make the desired changes in my switch.

It is simple to use.  Here is the configuration info copied from the executable:

Usage Syntax:

tst10.exe /r:script.txt [options]

/r:script.txt      run script.txt
[options]          any of these:

/o:output.txt      send session output to output.txt
/m                 run script in minimized window

Usage Example:

tst10.exe /r:script.txt /o:output.txt /m

Scripting Syntax:

HOSTNAME PORT      port number optional, default: 23
WAIT “string”      string to wait for
SEND “string”      string to send
\”                 represents the a quote character
\m                 represents a <CR/LF>
\\                 represents the backslash character

Scripting Example:

hostname.com 23
WAIT “login”
SEND “root\m”
WAIT “password”
SEND “mypassword\m”
WAIT “>”
SEND “dip internet.dip\m”
WAIT “>”

Scripting Note:

You can start with either WAIT or SEND commands,
but you *must* alternate them. ie: you can’t use two
or more WAIT or SEND in a row.


TST will disconnect and close as soon
as its done with the last entry of the script.

If you need to, you can type in the terminal
window while the script is running.

Very easy to use and highly recommended.  Albert’s site has been down for almost a decade according to the Wayback Machine, but you can still download it from the Wayback Machine’s archived copy.  Alternatively, you can Google for it yourself or download it from Free Downloads Center.